Quite another thing – plain ties

Tie speckled or goroshek.Muzhchina opting ties with colorful peas , dots, dots and pretzels truly indefatigable. It is purposeful , ambitious and succeed in a professional field . However, a long run in the same place it can only be the case if the case found that he liked . In personal relationships , he behaves in a similar way: if he met the woman of his dreams , it would be true to her completely and indefinitely . Observed that tie into a large , scattered like peas sociable men who want to attract attention . Gram selected conscientious workers , good professionals . The owner of the tie with a pattern of frequent peas – most likely person is reserved and taciturn . Tie in polosku.Muzhchina preferring tie with transverse , longitudinal or diagonal stripes (ie, tending toward an orderly , geometric patterns ) , is correct , absolutely correct, reliable and caring. Continue reading

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